Albion Street Hall, October 1858

On Monday the 31st of October, 1858, The Glasgow Herald published an article from the Courier newspaper,

on page seven. It reads:


Albion Street Hall. – We observe that Albion Street Hall, adjoining the City Hall, has just been re-painted

and decorated in a style which reflects much credit on the taste and skill of Mr. Bowie of Queen Street.

The main ceiling is divided into panels, painted sky-blue, and studded with stars; and round the wall,

immediately below the cornice, we have a frieze or entablature painted in basso relievo, from the Elgin

marbles. The lower parts of the walls are left plain, with wainscoting about 5 feet high. The most attractive

portion of the decorations, however, are on the ceiling of the cupola. The intersections of the patera, or centre

flower, are filled sky-blue, and studded with gilt stars, as are the panels in the dome; the side ones having a

wreath enrichment in the centre of each, and the spandrels decorated with the following emblematical

trophies, viz. :- Science, with medallions of Herschell and Watt; Commerce, with medallions of Mercury and

Minerva; Literature and Art, with medallions of Scott and Wilkie; and Naval and Military Warfare, with

medallions of Nelson and Wellington. The effect is exceedingly pleasing, and we are glad to be able to add

this to the many improvements which the corporation have been making upon their places of public resort.”