Andor Gomme and David Walker: Spreull’s Land

In Architecture of Glasgow, 1968 edition, page 53, Andor Gomme and David Walker commented:

“No civic building of anything like the grandeur of the Tontine Hotel survives from eighteenth-century Glasgow. Trongate itself, battered and shoddy as it now looks, still has a few minor Georgian buildings, Argyle Street rather more.  The best is Spreull’s Land (182 Trongate), a four-storeyed tenement built about 1784; it has a fine oval cantilevered staircase, which used to ‘hang’ but now has cast-iron supports. The type, as doubtless of most of the rest of the street originally, is that of the plain tall blocks which are familiar in the eighteenth-century parts of the Royal Mile, though once again the Glasgow example is smaller.”