April 1889: Glasgow Manufactures for the Paris Exhibition – Wylie and Lochhead – an “English Firm”

An article on page six of The Glasgow Herald, on Wednesday the 3rd of April, 1889, reads:



Lochhead dispatch to-day an important exhibit of wall paper for the Paris Exhibition. The

exhibit, decorated in white and gold, takes the form of three sets of panels with an overhanging

canopy. In the central panels are shown pieces illustrating all the known methods of manufacture;

in the side panels the satinette and washable or sanitary papers manufactured by the firm; and the

canopy above is filled with lustrous friezes. Alike in respect of texture, colouring and design, the

pieces are of the highest quality. The exhibit has been specially got up in order to show what can be

done by an English firm on ground which the French have hitherto regarded as their own. Although

still indebted to France for the designs, Messrs Wylie and Lochhead have got abreast of their foreign

competitors in the matter of colouring, and in texture and finish they have so far excelled that in the

ordinary class of goods they are able to undersell the French manufacturers in their own markets.”