April 1926: The Scottish Socialist Art Circle – New Studio on Bath Street, Opened by the Rev. James Barr, M.P.

An article on page nine of The Glasgow Herald, on Monday the 12th of April, 1926, reads:




The Scottish Socialist Art Circle, which was started some five years ago, opened its new studio in Bath

Street, Glasgow, on Saturday afternoon. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. James Barr, M.P.

The circle has a membership of over 100, and although strenuous efforts have been made to secure

suitable accommodation, it was only a short time ago that the members were successful in acquiring the

new studio as permanent headquarters. By this means they hope to widen the scope of the circle and to

provide facilities for those who execute still life studies. The opening of the studio was marked by an

exhibition of the members’ works and a tribute to the high standard they had attained was paid by Mr Barr,

who wished the circle every success in its operations.”



James Barr (1862-1949) was a Scottish minister and a British Liberal then Labour politician. He also was

a noted pacifist and socialist, a strong supporter of home rule for Scotland, the minimum wage, and the

Temperance movement.


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George Fairfull-Smith, March 2021.