August 1911: A New City Restaurant – The Restaurant Louis XVI

An article on page six of The Glasgow Herald, on Thursday the 24th of August, 1911, reads:




The city of Glasgow, justly famed for its restaurants and tea-rooms, has not witnessed the

same development in public catering in the large business warehouses as prevails in other

towns. The Royal Polytechnic (Limited) in Argyle Street, in their endeavour to meet the

wishes of their customers in this respect, opened to the public yesterday a spacious and

elegantly equipped restaurant to be known as The Restaurant Louis XVI. The dining hall

has accommodation for 260 people. It is decorated in white and gold. En suite are a reading

and rest room for ladies and a smoking-room for gentlemen, both luxuriously appointed. A

kitchen with the latest steam cooking applicances and equipped on the most up-to-date

hygienic lines, and dining-rooms for the staff, occupy a floor which has been superadded to

the rear of the building.”


George Fairfull-Smith, July 2022.