August 1934: Glasgow Architect’s Death – Mr A. McInnes Gardner, L.R.I.B.A., F.R.I.A.S., Interior Designer for Liners Built on the Clyde

An article on page seven of The Scotsman, on Tuesday the 14th of August, 1934, reads:




A Glasgow architect, who executed several notable interior designs for liners built on the Clyde, passed away at the

week-end in the person of Mr A. McInnes Gardner, L.R.I.B.A., F.R.I.A.S. He resided at 12 Southpark Avenue. Mr

Gardner gained his experience in the office of Mr James Miller before commencing business on his own account.

In addition to carrying on a successful business in domestic architecture he specialised in designs for ships, and

among the contracts he executed was that for the interior designs for the principal rooms of the Empress of Britain.

He was a member of a committee of the Board of Trade Council for Art and Industry, which was appointed this year

to deal with questions affecting the relations between art and industry in Scotland.”



The British Newspaper Archive.



George Fairfull-Smith, September 2023.