Daguerreotype Portraits, Andersonian University, George Street, June 1844: E. J. Pickering, from Monsieur Claudet of the Royal Adelaide Gallery, London

On page two of The Glasgow Herald, on Monday the 17th of June, 1844, is an advertisement informing readers that:


“E. J. PICKERING, from Monsieur CLAUDET, of the Royal Adelaide Gallery, London, begs respectfully to inform the

Nobility and Gentry of Glasgow, and its Vicinity,”


that he was opening “an Establishment” at the Andersonian, on Wednesday the 19th of June. There, he intended to

operate “on the Improved Principle by which Portraits are Produced in from one to ten seconds, retaining the

animated expression usual to the Sitter.”


His hours were 10 to 5, and he charged ten-shillings-and-sixpence for a single portrait. For groups, the cost was an

extra five shillings for each figure. Plates, Chemicals, and Apparatus were supplied.