Daguerreotype Portraits at the Andersonian, December 1844: Mr Pickering Extends His Stay in Glasgow

An article on page four of The Glasgow Citizen, on Saturday the 26th of october, 1844, reads:


“DAGUERREOTYPE PORTRAITS. – From the success which has attended Mr. Pickering’s labours

since he arrived in this city, we understand that he has been induced to remain during the winter

at the Andersonian Institution. The portraits taken in frosty weather, and even when there is snow

upon the ground, are of the finest description, and reflect, if we may so speak, the very image of the

original. All who wish to avail themselves of the services of this young and enterprising artist ought

to pay an early visit to his studio. The rooms, it will be observed, close now a little earlier owing to

the shortness of the day.”


Pickering’s advertisement is on page three of the Citizen, and there are references to his portraits of

the Duke of Wellington, and several of the Royal Family. His hours were 10 to 4, daily.