December 1909: Sale of Mr David Hennedy’s Collection, by Robert McTear and Co., in the Royal Exchange Sale Rooms, on the 16th and 17th

A large advertisement on page fifteen of The Glasgow Herald, on Monday the 13th of December, 1909, informed readers, and

potential buyers, about the forthcoming sale of the late David Hennedy’s art collection. It had been removed from his home in

Bothwell, Lanarkshire.


The collection was particularly “rich in examples of the Glasgow School”, and reference is made to Hennedy’s “close association

with local artists”, which gave him “exceptional opportunities for making a representative Collection”. The titles and artists

of some of the most important works are provided, along with the other artists represented in the collection.


In addition, the advertisement mentions “SEVERAL DRAWINGS by WM. (“Crimean”) SIMPSON, and a Number of J. E.

CHRISTIE’S well-known Burns Subjects.”


An illustrated catalogue cost sixpence.



George Fairfull-Smith, August 2023.