December 1909: Sale of Mr David Hennedy’s Collection, in the Royal Exchange Sale Rooms

David Hennedy died in August 1909, and, when a presentation portrait of him, by James Elder Christie, was exhibited in

Glasgow, in March 1900, The Glasgow Herald’s critic commented that he was “a sweet singer and friend of pictorial art well

known in the city”



An article on page five of The Glasgow Herald, on Wednesday the 15th of December, 1909, reads:




The late Mr David Hennedy was well known in art circles in Glasgow,

and was a discriminating collector of pictures. The cabinet of modern

pictures which he formed is to be sold by Robert McTear and Co. in the

Royal Exchange Sale Rooms, Glasgow, to-morrow and on Friday. The

collection is particularly rich in examples of the early work of artists

who are now in the foremost rank. Thus there are two Japanese studies

by Mr E. A. Hornel, wherein one may see the beginnings of the style

that he has so splendidly developed in his late work. There are also fine

examples of the early work of Mr George Henry (a delightful portrait

‘Therese’) and Mr. E. A. Walton. Another notable work is ‘Arab Steeds,’

by Joseph Crawhall, and there is a charming early example of Mr A. K.

Brown, a landscape full of sunshine. Among the other painters

represented are Horatio McCulloch, Sam Bough, Alexander Roche, J.

Reid Murray, David Murray, Grosvenor Thomas, David Fulton, James

A. Aitken, William Young, J. Denovan Adam, Colin Hunter, Tom Hunt,

John Macwhirter, J. E. Christie, Patrick Downie, R. W. Allan, Tom

McEwan, and A. S. Boyd.”



George Fairfull-Smith, August 2023.