December 1935: Sir John Lavery’s Gift to Glasgow – 120 Portrait Studies

An article on the front page of the Evening Telegraph and Post (Dundee Evening Telegraph, in The British Newspaper

Archive), on Tuesday the 31st of December, 1935, reads:





120 Portrait Studies


Sir John Lavery has presented over 120 portrait studies painted by himself to the Glasgow Corporation.


They are the original studies from life he made preparatory to painting the great picture of the state visit

of Queen Victoria commissioned by the Glasgow Corporation in 1888, which hangs in the City Art Gallery.


They comprise portraits of many of the most famous men and women of that time.


The portraits are to be placed on exhibition almost at once.


Study of Queen Victoria.


The studies arrived in the city last week, following a visit to London by Mr James Eggleton,

the curator of the Art Galleries, and Councillor T. A. Kerr, convener of the Parks Committee

of the Corporation, who had an interview with Sir John.


Sir John had great difficulty at the outset of the work in obtaining a sitting from Queen Victoria,

as she had ceased to give sittings, on the ground that they fatigued her.


He happened to be at Windsor one day, painting a portrait of Prince Henry of Battenburg. He

mentioned his difficulty to the Prince, who said, ‘Wait a moment.’ When the Prince returned he

announced that the Queen would sit for the portrait that afternoon.


The study of Queen Victoria is now the property of Sir William Burrell.”



The British Newspaper Archive.



George Fairfull-Smith, March 2024.