Donations to the Andersonian Museum in 1831: A Painting by Professor Gilfillan, and Drawings presented by Mr. D. B. Stark

A short article on page two of the Glasgow Herald, on Monday the 2nd of January, 1832, informed readers about the Andersonian Soirée which was held on the 27th of December, 1831. The paper reported that: “Several donations received since last meeting were exhibited in the library, amongst which were … a picture of the Spanish Armada, painted and presented by Professor Gilfillan” and “Schotti’s Treatise on Hydraulics, with original drawings, presented by Mr. D. B. Stark.”


Presumably, the publication referred to is P. Gasparis Schotti, Mechanica hydraulico-pneumatica, 1657. (Details taken from Glasgow University Library’s online catalogue). There also is an entry for the publication in the the University of Strathclyde’s Andersonian Library’s online catalogue. For the present, it is not clear if this is the publication which was donated by D. B. Stark.