Edwards’ Panorama of America, Albion Hall, College Street, April 1876

A notice on page four of The Glasgow Herald, on Friday the 21st of April, reads:


“EDWARDS’ PANORAMA OF AMERICA.—There is at present being exhibited in

the Albion Hall, College Street, a beautiful panorama of life and scenes in America,

which, to use a Yankeeism, is the best ‘panoramaed’ country in the world. Of the

many entertainments of the kind which have from time to time been presented in

this city Mr Edwards’ is one of the most interesting. It is divided into three parts,

the first consisting of scenes laid principally in the Northern States, the second of

spots famous or attractive in Upper and Lower Canada, and the third of views

illustrative of negro life in the South. Though necessarily in this wide range of

subject a deal of ground is gone over with which the public are not unfamiliar, yet

the old scenes as a whole are treated from new view-points, possessing fresh and

original attractions, and are painted with rare artistic taste and finish. A

descriptive lecture is delivered by Mr Edwards, and a musical party sing several

appropriate songs in the course of the evening. The panorama, which is replete

with instruction and interest, is well worthy a visit by those who wish to learn

something of the vastness and grandeur of the Western Continent.”