February 1840: Fancy Ball in the Assembly Rooms, Ingram Street, to Celebrate the Marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert – Ornamental Painting by Thomas Dudgeon

An article on page two of The Glasgow Herald, on Friday the 14th of February, 1840, follows on from an account of

the Festival in the Trades’ Hall, Glassford Street, and opens with:




The festivities of the day were wound up by a splendid fancy ball, for which the Assembly Rooms in Ingram Street had

been re-modelled, painted, and prepared. The decorations in the ball-room and supper-room, in fact, reminded one more

of the gorgeous beauty of an eastern pavilion than a festive hall in the plodding and business capital of the West. The

decorations were conducted by Messrs. White and Sons, Queen Street—the chandeliers, candelabra, and lighting department

by Mr. Woolfield, who otherwise gave efficient assistance—the ornamental painting by Mr. Dudgeon, foreman to Messrs.

Michael Bogle & Co.—and the supper and refreshments, which were not only abundant and excellent, but displayed in a most

tasteful manner, did much credit to Mr. Forester of Gordon Street.”




George Fairfull-Smith, March 2024.