February 1908: Death of John Fergus, Noted Photographer, of Largs, After an Accident in Glasgow

An article on page eleven of The Glasgow Herald, on Monday the 24th of February, 1908, reads:




The remains of Mr John Fergus, of Blackdale [sic], Largs, who met with an accident in Great Clyde

Street, Glasgow, on Tuesday last, and died the following day in the Royal Infirmary, were buried at

Largs on Saturday afternoon. Mr Fergus was the first photographer in Largs, opening a studio in

Gallowgate Street about forty years ago, when photography was practically in its infancy. Ten years

after he was able to purchase the mansion-house and grounds of Blackdale [sic], where he erected

a fine studio, which was for long famous in the West of Scotland. Mr Fergus was one of the pioneers

in Scotland – indeed in Britain – of artistic photography. Mr Fergus had also a studio in Cannes, in

the south of France, where he photographed many royal and distinguished persons, including His

Majesty the King, when he was Prince of Wales, and the late Mr Gladstone.”



The name of the property he purchased, is Blackdales.




George Fairfull-Smith, July 2023.