February 1911: D. Y. Cameron Etchings – James Connell and Sons’ Purchases from the Parsons Collection, Which Was Sold at Christie’s, in London, on Tuesday the 7th

An advertisement on page eight of The Glasgow Herald, on Wednesday the 8th of February, 1911, informed readers that James

Connell and Sons were displaying the D. Y. Cameron etchings which they had purchased at the Parsons sale, held at Christie’s in

London, on Tuesday the 7th. These were in the gallery, at 31 Renfield Street, along with a “Belgian Set”, also by Cameron.


The collection belonged to Mr A. J. Parsons, director of the print-room, Library of Congress, Washington DC.

An article by the Herald’s London correspondent is on the same page as the advertisement, and provides

more information about the sale and the buyers.



George Fairfull-Smith, August 2022.