George Grosvenor Thomas R.S.W. exhibits his pictures in his West Regent Street Studio, April 1897

In a notice headed “Picture Exhibitions”, on page six of The Glasgow Herald, on Friday the 16th of April, the paper commented that:


“Mr Grosvenor Thomas is showing in his studio at 2 West Regent Street a number of examples of his recent work. The collection is not very large, 16 pictures in all, but it serves to exhibit the versatility of the artist in a marked manner. For his inspiration Mr Thomas has gone to the trackless wood, the resounding shore, and the open plain, and has interpreted the natural beauties which he has found there with delightful charm. Atmosphere and breadth of feeling characterise all the works. Probably the finest picture in the collection is ‘The Silent Pool,’ a lonely lakelet overshadowed with leafy trees, beyond which one sees the rich colouring of ripened grain. Mr Thomas’s art is shown in quite a different phase in ‘North-Westerly Breeze,’ a sea piece in which, beneath a summer sky, the ocean rolls free before the wind. The waves are foam-flecked, and convey an admirable idea of motion. In ‘Becalmed’ the sea is presented in another mood, a white-sailed schooner being seen rocking lazily in the shimmer and haze of a sultry day. ‘The Moon is Up’ is a pastoral, in which in the gloaming a shepherd is discerned driving his flock to the fold. ‘Passing Clouds’ is a large canvas,  in which masses of vapour cross a deep-blue sky.”


An advertisement on the same page, shows that the exhibition was open from 10 to 5, daily.