George Square’s Statues: Sir John Moore, July 1819

From the Glasgow Herald, Friday 23rd July 1819, page 2:

“We understand there is every reason to expect that Sir John Moore’s statue will be erected on the south side of George’s Square, looking down Miller Street, the spot pointed out by Mr. Flaxman as by far the finest site in town for such a monument. – Another erection, corresponding to its name, has long been contemplated for this Square; but when it was known to be the wish of the citizens that Sir John Moore’s Statue should be placed in a part of the Square, all opposition was in the handsomest manner immediately withdrawn. – This explains a paragraph which appeared in the Glasgow papers of yesterday. (This has not been checked, at the time of adding this entry)

Mr. Flaxman, who is at present superintending the erection of the statue of Sir John Moore in this city, has presented the Trustees of the Hunterian Museum with the original cast from the face of Sir Isaac Newton, from which Roubillac executed the marble statue of Sir Isaac in Trinity College, Cambridge. This very interesting relic was originally the property of Roubillac; after his death it passed into the hands of the father of Mr. Flaxman, and now, by the munificence of that eminent artist, forms a valuable addition to the Hunterian collection.”