Glasgow Architectural Association, Lecture by Alexander Thomson, Esq., architect, of A. and G. Thomson, April 1863

A short notice on page three of The Glasgow Herald, on Monday the 4th of May, 1863, reads:


“GLASGOW ARCHITECTURAL ASSOCIATION. On Thursday evening last a lecture was delivered to the members of the association by Alexander Thomson, Esq., architect (of A. and G. Thomson), patron of the association. Thomas Gildarde [sic], architect, an honorary member of the association, presided. The subject chosen for lecture was a critical analysis of the classic and mediaeval styles, showing to what extent the aesthetic element was inherent in each, and how far each was appropriate as the basis of modern design. The lecturer noticed some of the recent works of our popular art-critics, discriminating between what he considered true and what false teaching.


“The lecture, though necessarily didactic, and of considerable length, was so aptly and profusely illustrated that it could have been listened to for the whole night through.


“A vote of thanks to the lecturer, moved by Mr. J. M. Smith, and most cordially responded to, closed the business of the evening.”