Glasgow Architectural Association, November 1851

An article on page four of The Glasgow Herald, on Monday the 3rd of November, 1851, reads:


Glasgow Architectural Association. – We learn that this Association of the architectural draughtsmen

and professional pupils in the city, has been favoured with the approbation and countenance of several

of the local members of the Architectural Institute of Scotland, of whom Mr. Charles Wilson, and Mr.

James Smith, of the Council, and Mr. J. T. Rochead, of the Local Committee, have handsomely presented

it with competition premiums for designs and drawings of certain specified subjects. We may also mention

that Mr. Billings, of London, the accomplished author of several most interesting works on mediaeval

architecture, has contributed towards the Association’s library a copy of his valuable treatise on “The

Infinitude of Design in Geometric Tracery.”