Glasgow Photographic Association: Ordinary Monthly Meeting, in the Andersonian University, on Thursday the 2nd of February, 1865

A short article on page four of The Glasgow Herald, on Friday the 3rd of February, 1865, reads:


“GLASGOW PHOTOGRAPHIC ASSOCIATION. – The ordinary monthly meeting of the Glasgow Photographic Association was held last night in the

Andersonian University – Mr. E. Brace, vice-president in the chair. A number of views taken by the improved Pantascopic Camera, Johnson’s and

Harrison’s patent, were exhibited, and elicited the most favourable expressions of opinion from all present. Dr. Taylor, in particular, spoke at some

length upon the importance of this camera in landscape photography, and pointed out, in felicitous terms, several novel and humorous effects of

which it might be made the instrument. At the conclusion of the conversation, it was agreed that the association should purchase two of the views,

as the most fitting mode of expressing the interest taken in these beautiful specimens of photography. The other business before the meeting was

interesting only to the members of the society.”