Glasgow Photographic Association’s Soiree in the Merchants’ Hall, on Monday the 28th of January, 1867

An article on page two of The Glasgow Herald, on Tuesday the 29th of January, 1867, reads:


“PHOTOGRAPHERS’ SOIREE. – Last night the annual soiree under the auspices of the Glasgow

Photographic Association took place in the Merchants’ Hall, which was quite filled on the occasion

by a most respectable company. The chair was occupied by Mr Andrew Mactear, who was supported

on the platform by a number of gentlemen well known in the profession. After an excellent tea, the

Chairman addressed the meeting. He referred to the great advance which had taken place in the art

of photography during the last quarter of a century, at the beginning of which period Mr Edwards, the

first professional artist, opened a studio in Buchanan Street, on the site now occupied by the

warehouses of Messrs Wylie & Lochhead. He also referred to the influence of photography in creating

a taste for the fine arts, and went on to refer to remarkable illustrations of the perfection which

photography was rapidly approaching – his remarks, which were of a humorous as well as instructive

character, being listened to with the utmost attention. The musical programme was afterwards entered

on, the artistes being Miss Clara Villiers, Mr F. Randolph, and Mr Maclagan. The concert was

succeeded by an assembly.”