Glasgow School of Art and Haldane Academy, December 1879: Professor Legros

A short article on page four of The Glasgow Herald, on Thursday the 11th of December, 1879, reads:


GLASGOW HALDANE ACADEMY. – An artistic lesson of a practical and highly interesting character was given to the lady

students of the Glasgow School of Art and Haldane Academy yesterday in the lecture room, 3 Rose Street. Professor Legros,

of the London University College, by whom the lesson was given, was introduced to the students by Mr A. B. Stewart. Mr

Stewart, in the course of his remarks, gave a short outline of the artistic history of Professor Legros, and referred, in eulogistic

terms, to the desire of the Professor to promote the gratuitous education of art students. Professor Legros afterwards painted

a head of Mr James A. Campbell of Stracathro, and exemplified his wonderful facility in the use of the brush by finishing a

piece of first-class artistic workmanship in the short space of three-quarters of an hour. It is also right to explain that the dense

fog which prevailed at the time interfered, to some extent, with the operations of the painter. Professor Legros will to-day, in

the same place, and in the presence of the male students of the Haldane Academy, paint a head of Mr Walter Macfarlane; and

in the afternoon he will, by request, etch a portrait from life before the artists and advanced art students of Glasgow.”