Glasgow Society: December 1899 – Evening Celebration, Following the Opening the Glasgow School of Art, Renfrew Street

Under the heading “Society in Scotland”, on page 972 (page 54 in The British Newspaper Archive) of The Gentlewoman,

on Saturday the 30th of December, 1899, is the following:


Glasgow School of Art.


ON the 20th Sir James King declared the Glasgow School of Art in Renfrew Street open. The governors and a number of

invited guests assembled at the Corporation Galleries in Sauchiehall Street, and walked in procession to the new building

in Renfrew Street. Provost Chisholm presided over a very large company. The Lord Provost was accompanied by Mrs.

Chisholm, to whom, on her arrival, a bouquet of white lilac was presented.


In the evening the new Art School was a brilliant scene, when a gathering of past and present students celebrated the event.

Amongst the ladies present were Mrs. Road, who wore cerise velvet and chiffon, with embroidered corsage; Mrs. Macnair,

pink and white striped silk with frill of white point lace; Mrs. White, creamy satin brocaded with pink roses, the front panel

spangled, sash of pink velvet, and pink roses; Miss McOnat, black and spangles, with red roses; Miss Marion Crawford,

green net over pale pink; Mrs. Catterns, black velvet and white lace; Mrs. Sandilands, creamy silk under black lace; Mrs.

Cowans, white brocade, with bands of passementerie and scarlet roses as shoulder-straps; Mrs. Francis Newbery, green satin

slashed with white; Miss Margaret Macdonald, ficelle canvas over shot grey silk, caught with brown pompons; Miss C. Smith,

white silk with touches of pale blue; Miss Brown, white trimmed with bébé ribbon; Miss Crawford, black; Mrs. Christie, black;

Miss Christie, white; Miss Annan, white over pale blue; Miss Margaret Wilson, pale green, turned out with embroidered white

satin; Miss De Courcy Dewar, a green gown with fichu of white chiffon; Mrs. A. Orra, black gown with pink geraniums; Miss

Patrick, a biscuit silk gown, with corsage swathed pale green; Miss Mathey, crimson velvet; Miss Bell Hutcheson, green and

white striped silk; Mrs. Spottiswood Ritchie, white silk; Miss Agnes Raeburn, white with touches of scarlet; Miss Laidlaw, a

black gown embroidered white with pale blue folded berthe; Miss Dick, black satin with berthe of pale primula velvet; Misses

Robertson, black with sequins and violets and white silk with lace and pink roses respectively.”


The British Newspaper Archive.


George Fairfull-Smith, March 2023.