In Search of an Artist’s Biographical Information: Thomas Dudgeon

The search for information about the life and work of a specific artist can be relatively straightforward if they

are well-known, enjoyed a successful career, left a significant body of work, an archive, letters, or anything which

helps to keep them in the mind of academics, museum and gallery curators, as well as members of the public.


Just because they are not well known today, it should not be assumed that the are not worthy of attention, or further



Of particular importance are the contributions made by an artist’s descendants, and in all my years of researching

artists born in Glasgow, who studied, lived and worked here, it has been a great privilege to meet up, or make

contact, with family members, many of whom live overseas.


In 2024, I contacted Pauline McNee, who is the great-great granddaughter of Thomas Dudgeon. Pauline’s

husband, Neil, undertook research which Pauline wrote up for the blog:


The Artistic Adventures of Thomas Dudgeon




George Fairfull-Smith, May 2024.