January 1924: “How to Conduct an Art Club” – Lecture by Mr James Huck, of Glasgow School of Art, to Members of West Cotes Higher Grade Art Club, Cambuslang

A short article, on page twelve of The Glasgow Herald, on Friday the 1st of February, 1924, reads:


“Mr James Huck, of the Glasgow School of Art, lecturing last night before the members of West Cotes

Higher Grade Art Club, Cambuslang, on ‘How to Conduct an Art Club,’ said that the linking up and

preparation for all the decorative trades, such as architecture and designing, should be part of the

educational scheme of the county of Lanark. A scheme should be adopted by which elementary schools

would prepare students for higher grade classes in art, or afford other trade classes leading to the School

of Art as the final centre. Miners and artisans in the county of Lanark, he suggested, should also receive

lectures on art and design.”



George Fairfull-Smith, August 2023.