John Strang’s comments about David Hamilton, the architect, in “Glasgow and its Clubs”, 1856

Writing about the Western Club on Buchanan Street, in Glasgow, Strang added, in a footnote on page 567:


“The late Mr. David Hamilton. Perhaps no one has contributed more to the architectural adornment of Glasgow than that gifted and tasteful individual. To him the City owes the Royal Exchange; Hutcheson’s Hospital; the Union, British Linen, and Clydesdale Banks; St. Enoch’s and St. John’s Churches; the Normal Seminary, &c. &c., while many structures in Scotland, and particularly the far-famed Hamilton Palace, spring from his creative and constructive intellect. Like most men of true genius, he possessed great modesty, and from his kind and convivial habits endeared himself to a large circle of attached friends, who valued his talents and bewailed his loss.”



George Fairfull-Smith, January 2020.