June 1924: Socialist Art in Glasgow

An article on page nine of The Glasgow Herald, on Monday the 30th of June, 1924, reads:




During the week-end the Scottish Socialist Art Circle held an exhibition in Glasgow of water-

colour paintings, in preparation for their fourth annual show which is to take place in January

next. The object of the Art Circle is to foster a love of art among its members who are drawn

from the ranks of Socialist organisations and co-operative societies mostly in the neighbourhood

of Glasgow. The summer programme of the club includes a series of week-end excursions into the

country for the purpose of painting and sketching, and the majority of the work exhibited during

the week-end has been done since the summer season opened in May. Bearing in mind the fact

that with a few exceptions none of the artists has had any training, the standard of the work

exhibited is high and some of it shows considerable promise. The six water-colours by D. Lindsay

stand in a class by themselves and reveal a fine power of handling colour on the part of the artist,

and there are possibilities in the work of J. Short, who, at the age of 15, has three very creditable wood-

cuts in the exhibition.”