March 1863: Beautiful Engraving of Lord Palmerston, by Holl – Published by Mr William Mackenzie, Glasgow and London

A short article, on page four of The Morning Journal (Glasgow Morning Journal, in The British Newspaper Archive), on Monday

the 23rd of March, 1863, reads:


“A very beautiful engraving of Lord Palmerston by Holl is published by Mr William Mackenzie, Glasgow and London, which we

would commend to those who may wish to possess themselves of a true presentment of the eminent statesman who is shortly to

be amongst us. The engraving is from a photograph by Mayall in the possession of Lady Palmerston, whose approval must be the

highest commendation. The engraving conveys a really excellent likeness of the Premier, and has great merit besides in an artistic

point of view.”




An advertisement for the engraving, by William Holl, is on the front page of the same issue of the Journal, under “Publications”.

India Proofs cost five shillings each, and prints were two shillings-and-sixpence each. They were available at William Mackenzie,

47 Howard Street, in Glasgow, and from the “principal Printsellers”.


Also on the front page,  is an advertisement for the “Public Dinner by the Citizens of Glasgow to the Right Hon. Viscount Palmerston”.

It was held on Monday the 30th of March, in the City Hall. The stewards included Sir Archibald Alison, Sir Andrew Orr, Walter Crum,

David Dreghorn, Alexander Dennistoun, William Euing, James Lumsden, Robert Napier, Professor William Thomson, and John Tennant.




The British Newspaper Archive.




George Fairfull-Smith, August 2023.