March 1863: Cabinet and Chairmakers’ Soiree, in the Scottish Exhibition Rooms

A short article on page four of The Morning Journal (Glasgow Morning Journal, in The British Newspaper Archive), on Monday

the 23rd of March, 1863, reads:


“CABINET AND CHAIRMAKERS’ SOIREE.—The third annual soiree of the Cabinet and Chairmakers’ Association took place on

Friday night in the Scottish Exhibition Rooms—Alexander Cree, Esq., in the chair. There was a large number present. After tea,

the Chairman, in the course of an excellent address, reviewed the changes which he had witnessed in the trade since he entered

it thirty years ago. He was glad that many of these changes tended to improve the condition of the working man. An address was

afterwards delivered by Mr Ferguson. The meeting was enlivened by the excellent singing of a glee party, and of the Misses

Simpson and several amateurs. After the soiree there was a ball, at which the dancing was kept up with spirit for several hours.”




The above article is also in the Music section of the website.



The British Newspaper Archive.



George Fairfull-Smith, August 2023.