March 1934: Stuart Park Memorial Exhibition, in the McClure Galleries, 130 Wellington Street

An article on page seven of The Scotsman, on Tuesday the 13th of March, 1934, reads:


Glasgow and West



Art lovers are indebted to the organisers of the

Memorial Exhibition of the late Mr Stuart Park,

which is deservedly attracting wide attention at

the McClure Galleries, 130Wellington Street,

Glasgow. Mr Park was a distinctive worker,

possessed of a rare gift of vividly expressing in

oil the natural grace, beauty, and form of flowers.

He evolved his own technique, and wherever his

pictures were shown they quickly caught the eye by

their bright and lively colouring. The present

collection of over 40 paintings is thoroughly

representative of the various phases of his work.

There are numerous studies of garden roses of

various colours and combinations, and many

arresting paintings of scarlet geraniums, begonias,

fuschias, rhododendrons, orchids, anemones, and

other flowers, including a wealth of lovely daffodils.

The exhibition remains open throughout this month.”



The British Newspaper Archive.