March 1945: Cultural Interest in Glasgow – New Association – First General Meeting of the Glasgow Art Gallery and Museums Association

An article on page two of The Glasgow Herald, on Monday the 19th of March, 1945, reads:



New Association


A membership of 1200 was intimated by Councillor Alexander Burnett (president) at the first

general meeting, in the Art Gallery, Kelvingrove, on Saturday of the newly formed Glasgow Art

Gallery and Museums Association. The target, he said, was a membership of 5000.


The idea of forming the association originated in the fertile mind of Dr T. J. Honeyman (Director

of Art Galleries and Museums), and had been enthusiastically supported by the Art Galleries and

Museums Committee of the Corporation. The fruits of the association’s efforts, he was sure, would

be felt in an awakened interest in all the activities of the art and museum world.


Dr Honeyman, who is secretary of the association, gave an account of a visit to the Middle East during

which he lectured to the troops. He said he was immensely impressed by the quality of the people in

charge of the education scheme. Classes of all kinds had been started.


He spoke of the results of Italian colonisation in North Africa, and said it was disastrous that, because

of Mussolini’s entry into the war, their schemes had to be abandoned for other ambitions that had failed.”



George Fairfull-Smith, October 2022.