March 1950: Art Exhibition at Largs – Work of “New Scots Group”

An article on page three of The Glasgow Herald, on Monday the 20th of March, 1950, reads:




Work of ‘New Scots Group’


Four Scottish artists and a sculptor are holding a fortnight’s exhibition of their works at

Largs, and it was opened on Saturday by ex-Bailie A. Burns Mackay, former convenor of

Glasgow Corporation Art Galleries Committee. The artists are Miss Louise R. Annand,

Mrs Margaret Oliver Brown, Nathaniel Smith, and Drummond Henderson. The sculptor,

whose seven exhibits are in wood, is T. S. Halliday. All four artists are associated with the

controversial ‘New Scottish Group’ founded by J. D. Fergusson.


Ex-Bailie Mackay said the young exhibitors deserved a great deal of praise for their

courage and initiative in organising the venture. The paintings were splendid examples

of the modern trend for brightness in their broad brushwork and bold design.


Each artist shows six works, mostly in oil, but Miss Annand has two pastels, one of a

Danish church and the other of a Speyside timberyard.”