May 1867: The New Polytechnic Warehouse, Argyll (Argyle) Street

An article from The Glasgow Herald was included on the front page of the Paisley Herald and Renfrewshire Advertiser,

on Saturday the 18th of May, 1867. It reads:




The removal of Mr Anderson’s well-known Polytechnic Warehouse from Jamaica Street to Argyll Street will be completed

this morning, when the new establishment will be open to the inspection of the public. The Jamaica Street premises,

extensive and handsome as they undoubtedly were, are very far surpassed by the accommodation and appearance of the new

warehouse, which occupies the building lately used by the Glasgow Industrial Exhibition, and commands one of the most

crowded thoroughfares of the city. The general arrangement of the building is most suitable for a business such as that of Mr

Anderson’s. Besides ground and entrance flats, there are three galleries of large dimensions, and side rooms which in themselves

would form a warehouse of considerable capacity. The entrance floor, which will be lighted after sunset with a combination of

gasaliers, that are both tasteful in design and striking in their general effect, is devoted to the display of dress materials of all kinds;

the ground flat will be fitted up with fancy splendour for the sale of all sorts of children’s toys; the first gallery is a silk, shawl, and

mantle department; the second a crystal and fancy goods bazaar; and the third an exhibition of paintings, engravings, and other

works of art. The building is, we understand, at least three times the dimensions of that in Jamaica Street, and as its interior has

been fitted up at great expense, and with much felicity of design and colour, it will doubtless amply sustain the reputation of the

Polytechnic as one of the lions of our city.— ‘Glasgow Herald’ of Saturday, May 4.”



The British Newspaper Archive.



The original article is on page four of the Herald.



George Fairfull-Smith, July 2023.