May 1918: Glasgow Artists and the War – Proposed Autumn Exhibition at the Glasgow Art Club

A short article on page six of The Glasgow Herald, on Wednesday the 15th of May, 1918, reads:




Many of the younger members of the Glasgow Art Club are on active service, and already some of

them have given pictorial expression to their experiences of war. The club proposes to bring

together a selection of war drawings for exhibition in the autumn, and in order that it may be as

comprehensive as possible it has been decided to invite contributions from soldier-artists who are

not members of the club. The subjects need not be entirely drawn from the war zone; artists may

also illustrate life in the home camps. All inquiries regarding the exhibition should be addressed to

Mr Robert L. Sutherland, the Glasgow Art Club, 185 Bath Street.”



George Fairfull-Smith, May 2023.