Miss Kate W. Thomson opens “A Handicraft Exhibition” at 137 West Regent Street, Glasgow, November 1907

On Friday the 20th of November 1907, The Glasgow Herald informed its readers, on page 12, that Miss Kate W. Thomson had opened “an interesting exhibition of work in brass, copper, silver, and enamel” at 137 West Regent Street, in Glasgow’s city centre.


The notice continues:


“Miss Thomson is a particularly skilful practitioner in the rapidly reviving art of handicraftship. There are altogether about 80 exhibits, representing a wide variety of work. Simplicity may be described as the dominant feature of Miss Thomson’s art. There is nothing of superfluity in her designs; they are always chaste and always effective. A silver-plated mirror may be noted as an admirable example of her talent and her taste. There are artistic trays, photo frames and flower pots, and candlesticks of quaint design. Her enamels include charming examples of that dainty art, and there is an attractive case of jewellery, containing many delightful treasures. This is a utilitarian age, but there is a growing demand for articles that are artistic as well as useful. Miss Thomson has succeeded in combining the two qualities. The exhibition remains open to-day and to-morrow.”


Miss Thomson can be found in the 1907-08 Post-Office Glasgow Annual Directory, on page 1033, where the residents and occupants of 137 West Regent Street are listed.