Monument to the Late Sir Robert Peel, December 1855

A short article on page four of The Glasgow Herald, on Friday the 28th of December, 1855, reads:


Monument to the Late Sir Robert Peel. – Yesterday at noon, a meeting of the committee

appointed to carry out the above testimonial was held in the rooms of Mr. Mossman, sculptor,

North Frederick Street. It will be remembered that the meeting held yesterday fortnight was

adjourned for the purpose of affording Mr. Mossman more time to mature the model, and execute

some slight alterations suggested by the committee. Since these alterations have been completed,

the committee expressed their entire satisfaction with the model, which they accordingly adopted,

and gave instructions to the sculptor to proceed with the stucco cast, with the view of having the

statue finished without delay. This will occupy between four and five months. In justice to Mr.

Mossman, it is but proper to state that he has been indefatigable in his endeavours to produce a

model worthy of the great statesman; and the success with which he has been rewarded may be

inferred, when we state that the committee were unanimous in their approval of the model. The

figure is within two inches of nine feet in height, and stands in a graceful and easy position.

Subscribers, by the way, may have an opportunity of inspecting it to-day and to-morrow, in the

studio of the sculptor, 83 North Frederick Street.”


Please see the entry for the previous meeting, which was reported in the Herald, on Friday

the 14th of December, 1855, page four.