Monument to the Late Sir Robert Peel, December 1855

A short notice on page four of The Glasgow Herald, on Friday the 14th of December, 1855, reads:


Monument to the late Sir Robert Peel.—Yesterday, a meeting of the committee appointed to carry

out the above testimonial was held in the rooms of Mr. Mossman, sculptor, North Frederick Street

—Sir James Anderson presiding. The meeting was called for the purpose of finally resolving as to the

ordering of the statue according to the model, executed and now nearly finished, by Mr. Mossman.

Some slight alterations having been suggested lately, the artist has been unable to finish the work. The

committee, therefore, resolved to adjourn the meeting for a fortnight, so that they might be better

able to form a definite opinion of the model. They at the same time expressed their satisfaction at the

ability Mr. Mossman had displayed in executing such a fine likeness of the great statesman.”



Please see the entry for the later meeting, which was reported in the Herald, on Friday

the 28th of December, 1855, page four.