Mr. Bernard’s Daguerreotypes, April 1847

On Monday the 26th of April 1847, The Glasgow Herald informed its readers, on page two:


Mr. Bernard’s Daguerreotypes. – We have had the pleasure of seeing several of the daguerreotypes taken by Mr. Bernard; a young American artist, who is temporarily located in the lodgings of the late Mr. Donaldson in Fife Place. His works are of the very highest order of merit, and decidedly superior to those of any professor of the daguerreotype who has visited us since the discovery of the art. The fidelity of the likeness cannot be questioned – for it is painted with the pencil of light; but the early specimens of the art presented too often a cold and death-like hue which the perfect accuracy of the portrait failed to atone for. The process employed by the gentleman referred to has wholly obviated these defects; for, by an improved means of regulating the light on the plate, and by more successful combination of chemical ingredients, the portrait comes forth superior in distinctness of detail, and with a warmth and delicacy of colouring, formerly unknown to the art. In fact, the majority of those portraits we have seen in Mr. Bernard’s rooms, present all the freshness and beauty – with more than the fidelity – of the most exquisite miniatures. Such of our citizens as desire that their breathing likeness should live after them, would do well to visit the place indicated and judge for themselves.”