New Municipal Buildings in Govan, April 1901: Sculptured Portraits of Provost Kirkwood and Bailie Marr, by Mr Macfarlane Shannon

An article on page six of The Glasgow Herald, on Tuesday the 30th of April, 1901, reads:


“GOVAN MUNICIPAL BUILDINGS. – In connection with the new Municipal Buildings at Govan, sculptured

portraits of Provost Kirkwood and Bailie Marr were unveiled last night. The portraits, which are placed above

the principal entrance, one on each side, carved in the red sandstone of the building, are by Mr Macfarlane

Shannon. Councillor Russell, convenor of the Buildings and Halls Committee, performed the unveiling

ceremony, and presided at the luncheon which followed. Among those present were – Provost and Mrs Kirkwood,

Bailie and Mrs Marr, Mr Macfarlane Shannon, the members of the Town Council, burgh officials, and others.

After the loyal toasts, Mr Russell proposed “Provost Kirkwood and Bailie Marr.” It was, he said, 17 years since

they both entered the Council. …”



On page four of The Glasgow Herald, on Tuesday the 22nd of October, 1901, is a short article about Provost Kirkwood’s