“Novelty in Photography”: Glasgow Photographic Association Meeting, November 1864

From The Glasgow Herald, Thursday 24th of November 1864, page two:


“NOVELTY IN PHOTOGRAPHY. – At a recent meeting of the Glasgow Photographic Association, there were exhibited specimens of a new style of cartes de visite, patented by Messrs. Window & Bridge, of London. The specialty of these pictures consists in the arrangement on one carte of four medallion portraits of the same individual, taken from as many different points of view, each portrait being at the same time raised from behind so as to present a convex surface. The effect is exceedingly pleasing, the raising of the pictures giving to each a certain prominence and individuality, while the juxta-position of four different views of the same face affords scope for interesting comparisons. From an advertisement in another column, it will be seen that Mr. Bowman, of Jamaica Street, has commenced the production of cartes in this new style. We have seen some specimens, which are decidedly creditable to his manipulative skill, and which will be found well worthy of inspection by those who take an interest in the development of photography.”


Bowman’s advertisement is on page one of the paper, under the heading ‘Fine Arts, Photography, &c.’, as well as adverts for Mr. Urie, of 33 Buchanan Street, and The City of London Photographic Copying Company, which was located at Queen Street, Cheapside, London.