November 1887: Opening of the St Mungo Art Society Exhibition

An article on page six of The Glasgow Herald, on Monday the 7th of November, 1887, reads:


“ST MUNGO ART SOCIETY. – The annual exhibition in connection with the St Mungo Art Society opens to-day. With one

or two exceptions, all the members of this society are amateurs. It was instituted in 1874, and its annual exhibitions have

not been without interest, as showing how one’s holidays may be improved, and in a sense perpetuated, by putting on

more or less artistic record glimpses of the scenery through which one passes. In the circumstances, the art of St Mungo is

necessarily imperfect, not to say elementary, but the members are conscious of this, and appraise their efforts modestly.

John A. Monteith sends a study of yellow and pink roses. In form and colour the flowers will be recognised as really

artistic work. For the rest, it is unnecessary to notice the pictures in detail. They number 66 in all, including oils and

water-colour drawings, and they bear the names, amongst others, of J. Macniven, M. Anderson, G. Duncan, C. Gibb,

H. H. Urquhart, A. B. Short, G. Miller, W. McAdam, D. McEwan, and J. Kay.”