November 1895: Mr Warneuke’s Pictures – Exhibition of Photographs in the Camera Club Rooms, Gordon Street

An article on page six of The Daily Record, on Tuesday the 19th of November, 1895, reads:




Exhibition of Photographs in the Camera Club Rooms.


An exhibition of photographs by Mr. W. M. Warneuke, F.R.P.S., was opened last night in the Camera Club Rooms, Gordon Street.

There are about fifty prints on view, some being hung for the first time, while others are well known in the art world, Mr. Warneuke

having gained several gold medals with not a few of them. Of those not previously exhibited two ‘Portraits,’ different classes of work,

attract the most attention. The first is in carbon done in the old style —open, clear, pronounced, and beautiful. The other is described

as the new style, and in contrast suffers considerably. It is dark, sombre, and heavy, and although clever in its way as a photograph, it

ranks more as a picture than a portraiture. Specially interesting to members of the club are portraits of the three past presidents. Mr.

Warneuke, it should be stated in considering these, discards retouching for his exhibition work, and none of the prints in the collection

are enlargements. The portraits are admirable, especially that of Mr Joseph Henderson. ‘A Viking’ and ‘Shylock,’ two prints of a similar

style, also deserve attention. Of more general interest, such magnificent pictures as ‘Summer Evening on the Thames’ and the many

exposures gathered from Iona are especially praiseworthy. ‘A Morning Cruise’ is particularly fine in detail, while cleverness in the

photographic art is abundantly evidenced in ‘Work and Play,’ which has considerable claims to be called the best picture in the collection.

The exhibition is to remain open for some time.”



The British Newspaper Archive.



George Fairfull-Smith, June 2023.