November 1909: Royal Samaritan Hospital for Women, Glasgow – Grand Fancy Ball – Photographic Studio Under the Direction of “Lafayette”

An advertisement on the front page of The Glasgow Herald, on Thursday the 4th of November, 1909, informed readers that

the Photographic Studio at the Grand Fancy Ball, which was to be held on Friday the 12th in St Andrew’s Halls, was under the

Direction of “Lafayette”.


H.R.H. Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll, was one of the Ball’s patrons. An article on page seven of the Herald, on Saturday

the 13th, commented:


“Unfortunately the Princess Louise was unable to attend, but she displayed warm interest in the function. She was specially

represented by Lady Stirling-Maxwell of Pollok. Her Royal Highness will have an exceptionally interesting souvenir of the

event. An important accessory of the ball was the studio of Lafayette, and the portraits of the dancers will be put into an

album, which is to be presented to Her Royal Highness.”



George Fairfull-Smith, August 2022.