October 1854: The Glasgow Colosseum Art Exhibition, Jamaica Street

A short article on page four of the Greenock Advertiser, and Clyde Commercial Journal (Greenock

Advertiser in The British Newspaper Archive), on Tuesday the 10th of October, 1854, reads:


“The Glasgow Colosseum Art Exhibition will be the finest in quality and the most extensive in quantity

ever before witnessed in the capital of the West of Scotland. Upwards of seven hundred pictures have been

offered, including fine specimens of French, German, and Belgian art. This is the second exhibition of a

distinguished local association which last year opened an exhibition in Dixon Street. A beautiful portrait of

the Empress of the French, and one of Lord Jeffrey will be in the collection. The hall is in Jamaica Street and

is well lighted from the roof. Dim glass panels soften the light; while, at night, six brilliant gasaliers will

illuminate the space without being offensive to the eye.”



The British Newspaper Archive.



George Fairfull-Smith, July 2023.