Panoramas: The Bombardment of Algiers – Abolition of Christian Slavery, 1820

An advertisement for the historical peristrephic panorama of the Bombardment of Algiers, in the Glasgow Herald, 19th of June 1820, page 3, is headed “Abolition of Christian Slavery.” The entertainment was painted on upwards of 8000 square feet of canvas, and on display in the Assembly Rooms, on Ingram Street.

The Bombardment was an attempt by the Britain and The Netherlands to end the slavery practices of Omar Agha, The specific aim was to free Christian slaves and stop the practice of enslaving Europeans.

The newspaper details the “Order of the Subjects and Appropriate Musical Accompaniments”. There were eight subjects, and the music played included a Turkish Air, See the Conquering Hero, Hearts of Oak, Rule Britannia, and God Save the King.

Admission was two shillings for a front seat, and one shilling for a seat at the rear. Children’s tickets were half price. One-month tickets were five shillings. The panorama was exhibited twice in the day time, and twice in the evening. A descriptive book, with details of Algiers, the Expedition, the painting, and original letters was sold for sixpence.

The exhibition continued through to October, and it marked the fourth anniversary of the “Glorious Victory”on the 28th of August.

Mr Marshall junior’s Day was held on the 11th of October. The exhibition was advertised to close on Saturday, 22nd of October, 1820.