Passing Venues in 2023: Queen’s Rooms, 1 La Belle Place – Now, Om Hindu Mandir

Photograph from Andor Gomme and David Walker, Architecture of Glasgow, 1968 edition.


The magnificent building which stands at the corner of La Belle Place and Clifton Street,

originally was known as the Queen’s Rooms. Designed by Charles Wilson (1810-63), the

rooms opened to the public in January 1859.


Over many decades, the Queen’s Rooms provided a venue for concerts, theatrical performances,

art exhibitions, dance classes, political meetings, fund-raising bazaars, religious services, public

dinners, lectures and demonstrations, as well as a wide range of other entertainments and events.


Some of the above, including the official opening of the Rooms, can be found across the website.



Om Hindu Mandir, 1 La Belle Place.



George Fairfull-Smith, August 2023.