Re-opening of the Maryhill Free Church, September 1859

On page four of The Glasgow Herald, on Friday the 16th of September 1859, the paper reported recent developments at the Maryhill Free Church:


“RE-OPENING OF THE MARYHILL FREE CHURCH. – This church, after undergoing various important repairs, will be re-opened on Sabbath first for public worship. We have seen few churches in which a more thorough and pleasing change has been so successfully effected. The whole of the interior has been painted – the pulpit and the other wood-work with a dark imitation oak. There has also been added a magnificent baptismal font and table, enclosed in an area, in front of the pulpit. The exterior has also undergone a very important change by the erection of an elegant steeple about 110 feet in height, which has been fitted up with a fine-toned bell, weighing eight cwt. The whole adds very much to the appearance of the erection, and, as the church stands in an elevated position, the steeple is seen from a great distance, and is a great ornament to the town. The congregation have much reason to congratulate themselves upon having entrusted the work to such an efficient and judicious committee, who have so successfully carried out the improvements. The paintings and decorations were carried out by Mr. Thomas Fletcher, 233 Buchanan Street; the building by Mr. Robert Scott, Maryhill; the bell was cast by Mr. Wilson, Portugal Street, Gorbals; and the baptismal font and table were furnished by Messrs. Wylie and Lochhead, Buchanan Street, Glasgow. After the collection, on the re-opening of the church, it is expected the whole building will be entirely free of debt.”