Sam Bough’s ‘Grand Moving Panorama, Representing the Queen’s Visit to Glasgow’, at the Prince’s Theatre-Royal, December 1849

In an advertisement, on page two of The Glasgow Herald, on Monday the 24th of December, 1849, Mr. Edmund Glover, the manager of the Prince’s Theatre-Royal, which was located on West Nile Street and Buchanan Street, announced that a “NEW AND SPLENDID GRAND COMIC CHRISTMAS PANTOMIME” titled “OLD MOTHER SHIPTON AND HER CAT; OR, HARLEQUIN SIR RIQUET WITH THE TUFT,” would open on Wednesday the 26th, “With entire New Scenery, Music, Dresses, Decorations, Properties, Tricks, Masks, Transformations, and Incantations; Dances; Choruses, and Comic Songs. In which will be introduced BOUGH’S GRAND MOVING PANORAMA, REPRESENTING THE QUEEN’S VISIT TO GLASGOW.”


The pantomime was reviewed on page two of the Herald, on Monday the 31st of December. After commenting on some of the special effects, the writer pointed out:


“The scenery throughout is admirable, and all the performers play their several parts in first-rate style. We cannot conclude without calling attention to Mr. Bough’s most beautiful series of views of her Majesty’s passage from Belfast to Glasgow. This series forms a moving panorama just before the final scene of the pantomime, and were there nothing else to be seen in the Prince’s Theatre at this time, these views ought to draw audiences. They are masterly works in design, in drawing, and in colour; and if reduced in size and executed in lithography, they would form an admirable companion set to the pictorial histories of the Royal visit to our city.”