Sandyford Murder Case: Plans of the House in which the Murder was Committed, Lithographed by Messrs. Maclure and Macdonald, September 1862

On page four of The Glasgow Herald, on Wednesday the 24th of September 1862, is the following:


“SANDYFORD MURDER CASE – PLANS OF THE HOUSE IN WHICH THE MURDER WAS COMMITTED. – We were shown yesterday a sheet containing isometrical views and plans of the house in Sandyford Place. There is a complete ground plan of the sunk floor, and isometrical  views of the sunk and street flats. By means of the latter, which appear to be most accurate, as good an idea can be formed of the formation and appearance of the building as if a person was within the house itself. The plans show the spot where the body of the murdered woman was found, the foot-marks, finger-marks, the spurts of blood on hearth-stone and floor, the washed part of the floor, old Fleming’s bed-room &c. Altogether, the sheet which has been lithographed by Messrs. Maclure and Macdonald from plans prepared by Charles O’Neill, C.E. and architect, is complete in detail and must prove very useful to all who wish to be thoroughly conversant with the scene of the horrid tragedy. The plans are published by Mr. Robertson, St. Vincent Street.”



An article relating to the case, is on the same page as the above notice. The Sandyford Murder Case concerned the brutal killing of Jessie McPherson, in July 1862. It has been the subject of many publications, including Jack House’s Square Mile of Murder, first published in 1975, and a BBC ALBA television programme in 2013.